The RELAX-centre of the hotel has an indoor swimming pool, fitness, sauna, Turkish bathroom, tangentor.
We offer all kinds of massages:

• Classical massage
• Anticellulite massage
• Thalassotherapy
• Aromatherapy
• Honey Therapy
• Massage with Chocolate
• Volcano Stones Massage
• Massage woith Wine

Relax as a lifestyle
In the RELAX Center of complex “Izvor”, you will have the pleasure to enjoy various procedures. The therapy boosts your health by reducing stress and energizing you.

What does the RELAX Center of “Izvor” Hotel Offer?

• Swimming pool – for recreation and relaxation
• Fitness – for muscles tonus and stimulation
• Sauna – for organism detoxication
• Steam Bath – for organism purification
• Tangentor bath – for procedures under water
• Various massage therapies

Here are some of the procedures we offer in our RELAX Center:

Massage with Chocolate:
The massage with Chocolate will satisfy the whims of the most demanding clients. The procedure is sweet and irresistible, a dive into the world of sensual and soul bliss.
Cacao has natural antioxidinat qualities, improves blood circulation, and stimulates production of hormone of happiness – endorphin.
After the procedure the skin is soft and tender, hydrated, shiny and …perfumed.

Honey Therapy
In ancient times the Egyptians used this incredible bee product and its unique qualities for balsaming and massage therapy. The specific technique for “pumping” and stirring it in the body is incredibly stimulating for the organism in voiding toxins. Mechanical influence on SHU points on the back and the zone therapy on the feet and palms enhance its effect.
Grant your body health, by dressing it in liquid gold and it will reward you back.

Since ancient times people have used the curing power of plants and herbs, as well as their aroma.
Today we seek escape from stress and illnesses in the odor of etheric oils – irrefutable moment for the relaxation and pleasure in the RELAX center. Few drops aromatic magic, tranquil music and blurred light – and you are far away from the dynamics and stress of the day.
Etheric oils are stirred into important body zones and quickly absolve into cells, nourishing them with vital energy.

Volcano Stones Massage(Chakra Stones)
This experience will unleash new senses for body and mind.
The séance will certainly grant you with harmony and stimulating positive energy from the crystals and the energizing influence of volcanic magma. The hot, sleek stones, covered in aromatic oils, sliding on body’s meridians, transfer their natural power and we overcome tiredness and stress. Charge yourself with the energy of the fire element, asleep in the stone.

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